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Prostitution and Human Trafficking Essay - 3070 Words

Prostitution has been referred to as the oldest profession. Prostitutes can be found in every city and country across the globe. There are a large number of individuals who are currently in the United States and around the world who can be classified as a prostitute. They are expanding from the traditional street level prostitutes to highly paid, high class, prostitutes or escorts. Yet, what exactly would drive those men and women to pursue this class of work, once in this type of work what keeps them motivated to continue on with such work? Prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money. Prostitutes can be of either gender, male or female, and can engage in a verity of sexual†¦show more content†¦However, for some people the opportunities available to make any source of income can be limited. The employment opportunities may not cover their financial needs, and therefore need to seek other alternatives. When the opport unities are limited, cut short, or not sufficient enough to cover needs many will turn to prostitution. Prostitution becomes an attractive alternative of income for many especially for those who work on their own, at an individual level. This type of work allows an opportunity to earn more income than the individual may have anywhere else, this is especially true for the younger sex workers. Prostitution allows the ability to create their own working hours, or schedule, which is also appealing, especially when there are other personal responsibilities that need to be attended. Prostitution for those involved in the work is seen as the best alternative for fast money. Money is what has families surviving, companies running, the country running, and motivates any sort of advancement. Income is the most influential factor that would drive anyone into seeking any sort of employment. Many prostitutes in occasions may be able to earn in one night the equivalent of what they would be able to earn anywhere else in a week’s pay. Of course it would attract those with limited opportunities to get involved on the fast money. However, money seems to have a heavier influence on female sex workers. In a study that comparedShow MoreRelatedHuman Trafficking : Prostitution And Prostitution981 Words   |  4 PagesHuman Trafficking in Prostitution Prostitution, â€Å"Providing or receiving sexual acts, between a prostitute and a client, in exchange for money or some other form of remuneration† (Hock 557). The idea of exchanging sex for valuables has been seen since the beginning of human society. The first reported data about prostitution was reported around 3000 B.C.E in Mesopotamia, one of the first known civilizations (Caraboi and Fierbinteanu 362). Also, prostitution is often referred to as â€Å"the world’sRead MoreHuman Trafficking and Prostitution542 Words   |  2 Pageswidely acceptable in many countries around the world which is quite an distressing and foreign concept to me. I also learned that human trafficking is disturbingly prevalent in the United States and the need for more attention needs to be brought to this crime. And finally, I learned that prostitution is not a victimless crime. Many women are forced into prostitution. These three pieces of information will unfortunately carry on w ith me the rest of my life. In all areas of the world, ladies andRead MoreProstitution Is Legal For Human Trafficking1010 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Are you serious? Girls are not just objects, they are human beings just like everyone else.† That disgusts me, are the thoughts I was having when I saw that Thailand has a total of around three million sex workers in their country, and the number is increasing. Prostitution is legal but human trafficking is not. How can we make prostitution legal and then not expect is to lead to more human trafficking around the world. Prostitution is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity withRead MoreHuman Trafficking And Forced Prostitution1965 Words   |  8 Pagesand transportation can be done instantaneously has led to an increase in trafficking and prostitution over the past ten years. According to the United Nations Report, the trade now is worth about thirty billion dollars. Human trafficking and forced prostitution is a serious concern when it comes to being a global issue because it is a heinous violation of human rights. The upward trend of human trafficking and forced prostitution is a crime that victimizes men, women, and children. Traffickers are knownRead MoreHuman Trafficking In Russia: Prostitution661 Words   |  3 PagesHuman Trafficking In Russia: Prostitution Human trafficking is one of the major problems that is facing Russia. And Russia is considered the largest country in the whole world. It is massively known for the origin and final destination of trafficked men, women, and children who are forced to labor. Trafficking is carried out mainly for the purpose of exploitation, which includes prostitution, forced labor, slavery, removal of organs and many others (human trafficking in and out of Russia). This isRead MoreProstitution And Human Sex Trafficking1291 Words   |  6 Pagesshort in protecting ones right to rule over their own body. Prostitution, the exchanging of sexual services for payment, has been specifically outlawed by the State of New York. This direct targeting of the sex trade within New York leaves many people unprotected under the law, both in consensual prostitution and nonconsensual human sex trafficking, while greatly eliminating the potential tax revenue that would be generated. Prostitution, when involving consen ting adults, is a victimless crime andRead MoreHuman Trafficking and Prostitution in Russia2058 Words   |  9 PagesHuman Traficking In Russia: Prostitution human trafficking in Russia.-prostitution. Russia is considered the largest country in the whole world. It is massively known for the origin and final destination of trafficked men, women, and children who are forced to labour. Human trafficking is one of the major problems that is facing Russia. Trafficking is carried out mainly for the purpose of exploitation, which includes prostitution, forced labour, slavery, removal of organs and many others (humanRead MoreHuman Trafficking And Child Prostitution1145 Words   |  5 Pagesworld has to make a living somehow. The most unprotected and risky profession, in my opinion has to be prostitution. These men and women go to work without knowing who they will have to deal with and what could possibly happen to them. These individuals participate in this line of work not only to provide for themselves, but also for family members. In essence, the government should legalize prostitution because it would protect their rights, ensure safety, and benefit their health. I believe pushingRead MoreHuman Trafficking And Child Prostitution2104 Words   |  9 Pagesfrom President Barack Obama in 2012 addressing human trafficking and child prostitution within the U.S. In America, there is a conception that human trafficking only happens in less-developed countries. However, the U.S. is the second most prominent destination country for human trafficking in the world (Hodge Lietz, 2007). Cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Detroit are amongst the U.S. cities with high incidences of child prostitution (Hodge Lietz, 2007). Some of these childrenRead MoreTrafficking of Human and Children for Prostitution and Regulation4912 Words   |  20 PagesWhat is Trafficking? Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings mainly for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labour. Other purposes can be extraction of organs, or tissues or even surrogacy or ova removal. It can also be regarded as modern form of slavery. Trafficking is a lucrative industry. It is second only to drug trafficking as the most profitable illegal industry in the world. In 2004, the total annual revenue for trafficking in persons were estimated to

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A Hero of the Ages Essay - 718 Words

A Hero of the Ages Heroes come from all sorts of places: movies, books, and even everyday life. Jen, a Gelfling, is a hero from the movie The Dark Crystal. Jens story is one of prophecy, the never ending fight between good and evil, and love. This composition shall trace Jens quest as well as evaluate his success in that quest, his individual self, and finally he shall be compared to one of the Greek heroes. Jens quest can be classified as restoring the good kingdom. During a time of great change in the universe, there was a single dark crystal which held the source of balance and truth. At this time, many years before Jens birth, the world was peaceful. However, the crystal was shattered and the world was divided†¦show more content†¦Ogra was another aid to Jen. She was an old woman who could foresee the future. Ogra also had the missing shard of the dark crystal in her possession, and she gave it to Jen after he proved worthy. The Mystics gave Jen hope and strong will to overcome h is challenges. Unfortunately, Jen is also quite small and could easily be harmed. He is also very unsure of himself at many times. At the start of his quest, Jen is still with the Mystics. His master, the eldest, had just told him of his journey and soon after passed away. Jen must first find Ogra and obtain the missing shard to complete the dark crystal. At Ogras awful monsters sent by the Skeksis try and kill Jen and they destroy Ogras home in the process. Ogra is captured and taken to the Skeksis. Meanwhile, having escaped, Jen finds himself in a strange forest where he meets Kara. Both had thought themselves the last of their kind, and soon form a strong bond. Kara takes Jen to her adopted family, the podlings. It is here that the Skeksis monsters come once again. They capture some of the podlings and take them to the Skeksis who will drain their life energy and turn them into slaves. During all of this, the eldest Skeksis leader has passed away and his leadership wa s won by one of the remaining Skeksis. Chamberlain, a horrid scoundrel, had tried in vain for the throne and after his defeat, was exiled. He comes across Jen and Kara and tries to befriendShow MoreRelatedKyle Carpenter : Hero Of The Ages841 Words   |  4 PagesMrs. Drayton English 1 2A 9 February 2016 Kyle Carpenter â€Å"Hero of the Ages† â€Å"Blessed be the LORD my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle†~ Psalm 144. On October 17, 1989 in Jackson, Mississippi, an American Hero was born, his name is William â€Å"Kyle† Carpenter. Mr. Carpenter enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps at age 19 in February 2009 and completed boot camp in July 2009. Kyle Carpenter should be the Hero of the Ages because he jumped on a grenade, he also encourages peopleRead MoreOdysseus is Not a Hero for the Modern Age Essay800 Words   |  4 Pagespreserved in a poetic and, we assume, somewhat fictionalized account. In the time of the so-called Heroic Age (roughly the Mycenaean Age, the time of the Trojan War, 1200-1100 BCE or thereabouts) standards were much, much different, and some of them, at least, for very good reasons. Probably by those standards (or the standards of Homer’s time, some 400 years later) Odysseus was considerably closer to a hero than he would be in our eyes today. Perhaps, wha t might now be seen as grotesquely excessive bloodRead MoreThe True Virtues of a Hero: From Old Age to New Age1175 Words   |  5 Pageshero’s persona becomes the ideal image of an admirable character. Regardless of all the faults encountered, with certain characteristics such as honor, courage, loyalty, and honesty, an epic hero can mean so much to an individual. Just as the old ages, not every individual can have the full combination of a hero. As years past and time changes, these virtues still remain the same. Till this day, anyone with courage, loyalty, and honesty, deserves to be honored. Those individuals are the ones that youngRead MoreCharlemagne: The Hero of the Dark Age Europe Essay1170 Words   |  5 PagesMost scholars, under the same breath, deem Charlemagne as the hero Dark Age Europe needed. As the king of the Frankish kingdom, Frankia, from 768, he started recovering order after the collapse of the Roman Empire in the Dark Ages. On the other hand, some bel ieve that he is the cause of World War II. They reason that he caused the separation of his land into Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and western Germany by giving parts of his kingdom to his sons. However, his sons, through their foolishnessRead MoreWinston Churchill As An Important Politician And War Hero From A Young Age1832 Words   |  8 Pagesstruggles across his England. Churchill devoted his life to making the world a stronger and better place. Winston Churchill played a crucial role in influencing history. Winston Churchill was destined to be an important politician and war hero from a young age. He was born November 30, 1874 in Woodstock England into a very prominent family. He was the eldest son of Lord Randolph Churchill. His mother was an american heiress whose father was a part owner of the New York Times and a stock speculatorRead MoreThe Role Of Women In Literature1587 Words   |  7 Pageslook for a way to express or find something that relates to the feelings that they have. Majority of the time these feelings are expressed through literature. An example is the archetypes that can be found throughout literature. In the British Middle Ages, the people were grouped into different social classes using the feudal system. Society was mainly broken into two separate groups, the nobles, and the peasants. However, there was also a subset group, which maintained the women. Women were the lowestRead MoreComparing Beowulf And The Redcrosse Knight1363 Words   |  6 PagesDuring both th e Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the hero figure remained an important character for authors, but it was shown in different ways. While it was still important in both times, the definition of hero changed. During the Middle Ages a hero was someone who possessed bravery, fortitude, and loyalty. This changed during the era of the Renaissance where the hero was someone who possessed values of a Protestant: fidelity, hope, and charity. These ideas of a hero can be seen through BeowulfRead MoreEssay on A New Hero Today786 Words   |  4 PagesA hero is someone who has courage and the ability to help others. Some people might refer to their hero as their role model. No matter what someone may name their hero, almost everyone has one. The person who chooses their hero wants their hero to be an inspiring role model whom they can look up to while they are going through rough times. Since the beginning of time, people have had heroes because heroes are the people that set a good ex ample for the public and have they noble qualities thatRead MoreSamuel Adams As A Code Hero Essay1436 Words   |  6 Pagesis just a piece of the information that could categorize Samuel Adams as a â€Å"code hero.† A code hero, though it has several in depth definitions, is typically defined as a stoic and strong man that can change a negative force into a positive one. Hemingway s code hero trope has been spread through countless forms of media and has been used to categorize real people as well. Samuel Adams can be identified as a code hero because of his personality, his separation from the beliefs of society during hisRead MoreA Hero Can Have a Flaw707 Words   |  3 PagesWhat makes a hero? Most people will immediately imagine a superhero, unbeatable athlete or noble warrior. Despite their superhuman achievements, they all have something in common with even the meekest people-- a flaw.These flaws give us a chance of becoming heroes ourselves. We are all humans and mak e mistakes, so their are no chances of a perfect hero. However, if a perfect hero does exist, his or her good qualities may become a flaw in a certain situation. Like a person who sees all good in people

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Russsian Empire Guilty of Imperialism - 954 Words

From a century to another and from regime to regime Russians have been accused of empire-building and imperialism. It is not always without a reason, since the Tsarist Russian Empire was clearly and undeniably imperialistic. (Beissinger 1995) However, the case of Soviet Union and especially their rule over Central Asia is more ambiguous and unique. It is highly disputable whether Soviet actions were actions of state-building or actions of empire-building. In this essay I examine Soviet rule in Central Asia in order to find out if it was imperialistic, and if so, to what extent. I argue that there are several facts that support the idea of Soviet imperialism in Central Asia and therefore it is correct to define it as imperialistic. Yet at the same time there are several facts that demonstrate how Soviet Union was very different from earlier Western Empires such as the British Empire. Some evidence even makes Soviet actions to be seen as actions of state-building. Therefore it is to be noticed, that the Soviet Union was not entirely imperialistic and when it was, it was imperialistic in a very unique way. Soviet leaders themselves never saw Soviet ambitions as imperialistic. They explicitly declared themselves as anti-imperialistic. They argued that they were building a state, not an empire. (Beissinger 1995) Central Asian states were seen as having been illegitimately oppressed by the Tsarist Empire. Soviet leaders sympathized those states because of the injustice they had

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Diels Alder Reaction free essay sample

Lizz Radican Lab 4 2/24/14 The Diels-Alder Reaction: Results and Problems 1. ) Table 1: Mass, Percent Yield and Melting Points for Diels-Alder Reaction Products. Product Mass (g) Percent Yield Melting Points ( °C) Anhydride 8. 87 88. 2% 164. 4-165. 8 Dicarboxylic Acid 3. 20 71. 9% 176. 6-180. 1 Unknown 1. 66 111% 168. 7-176. 0 2. ) See attached calculations. 3. ) Table 2: Anhydride Product IR Data: Functional Group or Bond Peak Location(s) (cm-1) Peak Intensity Symmetric C=O Stretch 1840 Weak Asymmetric C=O Stretch 1765 Strong C-O Stretch 901 Very strong Table 3: Dicarboxylic Acid Product IR Data: Functional Group or Bond Peak Location(s) (cm-1) Peak Intensity C=O Stretch 1702 Strong O-H Stretch 3200-2500 Broad, medium Sp2 C-H Stretch(s) 3021, 3082 Medium Table 4: Lactone (Unknown) Product IR Data Functional Group or Bond Peak Location(s) (cm-1) Peak Intensity O-H Stretch 3100-2500 Broad, medium C=O-O Stretch(s) 1175, 1158 Very strong C=O Stretch(s) 1769, 1691 Strong 4. The reaction of the unknown with bromine gave a negative result meaning the solution did not turn clear, but rather, maintained an orangish brown color. We will write a custom essay sample on Diels Alder Reaction or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This is interpreted to mean that bromine in not adding to either side of an alkene bond, so there is no C=C bond in the unknown compound. The reaction of the dicarboxylic acid with bromine gave a positive result meaning that the solution turned clear as a result of bromine adding to both sided of the C=C bond. The dicarboxylic acid has a C=C bond. Problems: 1. The carbonyl that is NOT incorporated into the ring structure has the greater IR stretching frequency. This is because the carbonyl incorporated into the ring structure shares some of its double bond character with the other double bond in the ring, giving it more single bond character. Thus, conjugated double bonds lower the stretching frequency of a carbonyl group by sharing the dipole character of the carbonyl group with the double bond. 2. Some C=C groups sometimes do not show up on an IR spectrum. This is because the C=C groups of aromatic compounds show weak overtones between 1650-2000 cm-1. This area of aromatic overtones could be partially covered up by a strong C=O peak(s) over the same frequency range. An aromatic C=C stretch could also be hidden by a nitrile stretch or an alkene C=C. 3. Maleic anhydride is an excellent dienophile because it is a cyclic alkene where the double bond is conjugated to two carbonyl groups. These groups, as well as the oxygen to which they are bonded, serves as a large electron withdrawing group which pulls electron density away from the double-bonded carbons. Because of this dipole effect, these carbons have a much more positive character, which will readily react with an available electron-rich diene. (See drawings on attached pages. ) 4. Yes, the reaction will be successful because the molecule possesses a conjugated diene that can rearrange through resonance where the double bonds localize to the same ring and react with a dienophile to form a bicyclo ring. 5. Drawings on attached pages. Diels alder reaction free essay sample The experimental product yield is 0. 28g (some solid left on the filter paper and some for the melting point measurement. ) The % yield of hydrolysis is 70. 7% Discussion: The cycloaddition of a conjugated diene and a dienophile, which is drove by forming new ? -bonds from ? -electrons of the diene and dienophile, which are energetically more stable than the ? -bonds. During the Diels-Alder reaction, the temperature should be kept between 60-70. Because the boiling point of the butadiene is low and do not let it vaporize. After cycloaddition, pour the reaction mixture into 50 ml water under room temperature, the product would precipitate because of the low temperature. The acid added for the hydrolysis part is very important because acids have been used to accelerate the rate of the intra-molecular Diels-Alder reaction. The PEG 200 used in this experiment as the solvent for maleic anhydride is  make the experiments more green, which is less harmful and more environmental friendly. We will write a custom essay sample on Diels alder reaction or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The melting point measurement is helping us to determine what we get basically. Compare with the IR spectra I got, the peak at 1792. 62 cm-1 in the first spectra express the C=O bonds of the initial cycloaddition product, and the peak at 1697. 14 cm-1 in the second IR spectra shows the C=O bonds of carboxylic acid ( RCOOH) of the final product.

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Undertake agreed pressure care free essay sample

Pressure sores or decubitus ulcers are the result of a constant deficiency of blood to the tissues over a bony area such as a heel which may have been in contact with a bed or a splint over an extended period of time. The surface of the skin can ulcerate which may become infected – eventually subcutaneous and deeper tissues are damaged besides the heel, other areas commonly involved are the skin over the buttocks, sacrum, ankles, hips and other bony sites of the body. Describe the four stages of a pressure sore A grade one –pressure ulcer is the most superficial type of ulcer. The affected area of skin appears discoloured and is red in a Caucasian person, and purple or blue in people with a darker complexion. Grade one pressure ulcers do not turn white when pressure is placed on them. The skin remains intact but it may hurt or itch, it may also feel either warm and spongy, or hard. We will write a custom essay sample on Undertake agreed pressure care or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In grade two-pressure ulcers some of the outer surface of the skin (the epidermis) or the deeper layer of skin (the dermis) is damaged, leading to skin loss. The ulcer looks like an open wound or a blister. In grade three-pressure ulcers, skin loss occurs throughout the entire thickness of the skin. The underlying tissue is also damaged. However, the underlying muscle and bone are not damaged. The ulcer appears as a deep cavity like wound. A grade four-pressure ulcer is the most severe type of pressure ulcer. The skin is severely damaged and the surrounding tissue begins to die (tissue necrosis). The underlying muscles or bone may also be damaged. People with grade four pressure ulcers have a high risk of developing a life-threatening infection. Unit 229 Identify pressure sites of the body For those individuals that are bed bound they are more likely to suffer with pressure ulcers on their: †¢Shoulders and shoulder blades †¢Elbows †¢Back of the head †¢Rims of the ears †¢Knees, ankles, heels or toes †¢Spine †¢Tailbone (coccyx’s) For those individuals that use wheelchairs maybe more prone to pressure ulcers on their: †¢Buttocks †¢Back of arms, legs †¢The back of the hip bones Identify factors which might put an individual at risk of skin breakdown and pressure sores †¢Mobility problems †¢Poor nutrition †¢Aged (over 70 ) †¢Incontinence (urinary or/and bowl ) Serious mental health conditions †¢Underlying health condition ( that disrupts blood supply and makes skin more fragile) Unit 229 Describe how incorrect handling and moving techniques can damage the skin Poor positioning can lead to the individual slipping/sliding on the bed this action can cause friction and shearing of the skin, this can also happen by not using the correct techniques or equipment for instance by using a sliding sheet and placing the individuals feet being flat on the bed can help with correct positioning and reducing the risk of friction or shearing. Identify a range of interventions that can reduce the risk of skin breakdown and pressure sores †¢Relieving pressure †¢Promoting circulation (maintaining activity) †¢Allowing air to reach the skin †¢Reducing temperature and humidity and humidity †¢Avoiding incontinence †¢Allowing skin to being inspected †¢Good personal hygiene †¢Nutrition †¢Quit smoking Describe changes to an individual’s skin condition that should be reported You should report any new sore/ulcers or red areas to nurses or managers, or any changes to existing pressure sores should also be reported to nurses/doctors. Once the sore as progressed to a grade two this should then be more thoroughly investigated by outside sources, (social workers, and health boards). It is important to do regular inspections of the individual’s skin and more frequently if sores are present. Unit 229 Understand good practice in relation to own role when undertaking pressure care area Identify legislation and national guidelines affecting pressure area care The safe guarding or vulnerable adults – looks at our responsibility and accountability of keeping people safe and would include risk assessments to identify the skin breakdown †¢The care standards act – reinforces the importance of policies and procedures put in place by our organisations to protect the service users and this includes against skin care and prevention or pressure sores †¢The social care code of practice – also identifies roles and responsibilities of the care worker †¢NHS guidelines on wound care, tissue viability is relevant protocols that should be included in our organisations policies and procedures Describe agreed ways of working relating to pressure area care Agreed ways of working related to pressure area care would be, by following your company’s policies and procedures, and that of the individuals care plan Describe why team working is important in relation to providing pressure area care Teamwork is essential as care can be given 24 hours a day and regular turning of the service user as well as good management needs to be given around the clock in order to prevent or stop the condition from worsening. Most pressure ulcers can be predicted and prevented nursing assistants play a very important role in their prevention if a patient is at risk for getting a pressure ulcer all preventive measures, as stated by your facility must be done and documented. Preventing treating pressure ulcers needs the entire team to work together. Unit 229 Be able to follow the agreed care plan Describe why it is important to follow the agreed care plan The reason it is important to follow the agreed care plan as they are put together in the best interests of the individual based on what they wants, needs are . It also covers all medical need and physical needs and will indicate the likelihood of pressure sores and where they are more likely to get them and by following the care plan will help greatly in prevention. Identify any concerns with the agreed care plan prior to undertaking the pressure area care As the care plan is updated regularly with changes to care that an individual will receive. Before you can help to provide care for that individual you should check for any changes i. e. They start using different dressings or using pressure relief aids like a repose boot, make sure you understand your role and seek advice from seniors (nurses) as to what you need to do. Describe actions to take where any concerns with the agreed care plan are noted You should take note of your concerns and report to your seniors before you continue care make sure you document any concern on your paperwork as well if the concerns were serious then you should report to a manager or where necessary to outside sources, i.e. doctor , social worker or therapists depending on the concerns. Maybe a change of diet is required as the individual has increasing trouble swallowing but the car plan still shows that a normal diet is required. Identify the pressure area risk assessment tools which are used in own work In our workplace we use the waterlow pressure ulcer risk assessment/prevention policy tool, which is said to be the easiest to use in the healthcare industry. Explain why it is important to use risk assessment tools. Without the use of these tools there would be many more individuals suffering with preventable pressure ulcers as by the following guidelines of these tools you are better educated about the care that needs to be given thus reducing any unnecessary pain, infection or discomfort Unit 229 Understand the use of materials, equipment and resources available when undertaking pressure area care Identify a range of aids or equipment used to relieve pressure †¢Repose boots Air flow mattresses †¢Pressure cushions †¢Permaflow elbow pads †¢Heel protectors †¢Leg support trough Describe safe use of aids and equipment For instance you may use joint protectors for the heels or elbows that come in the shape of a foam pad with a strap to hold them in place so you need to make sure they stay in place but also you must be sure that the straps do not exert excess pressure and cause more damage Identify where up to date information and support can be obtained

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Frock Rock Essays - African-American Music, Music, Free Essays

Frock Rock Essays - African-American Music, Music, Free Essays Frock Rock FROCK ROCK is a Melbourne-based jazz ensemble focusing on original compositions and improvisation. The group promotes a high standard of performance and professionalism gained through the years of experience and learning of its individual members. All of its members have studied music and improvisation at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Two of the members in FROCK have returned to lecture there, while the remaining members are educators at tertiary and secondary school level around the state of Victoria. The VCA brings together the finest musicians in Australia, both as teachers and students, and is representitive of the ethnic culture in Australia. It is from this cross-cultural melting pot that the ensemble has been born. Drawing on a wide range of influences, and using a typical jazz instrumentation, the group creates a sound that combines styles in the jazz music of the new and the old and sets a trend for the future. Traditional acoustic instruments meet their modern electric counterparts, classical European folk forms get a modern jazz treatment, A unique sound experience. Band Members Craig Beard Vibraphone, Marimba Tuned and untuned percussion Craig has been a performer and educator for fifteen years. He studied with Dave Samuels and has recorded for the ABC with Doug de Vries and Edward York. Craig teaches at the VCA and aT Box Hill TAFE. He performs regularly as a sideman with people such as Joe Camillieri and the New Guinea Bharatam Dance Troupe. Craig writes a column for the national magazine DRUMSCENE. Anthony Schulz Piano Accordian and piano For the past thirteen years Anthony has performed as an accordianist and pianist throughout Australia. He has worked in all genres from folk to funk and back to jazz. Anthony teaches at the VCA and is a full-time lecturer at Box Hill TAFE. Adam Starr Guitar and vocals Adam studied improvisation at the VCA, graduating with Anthony in 1995. A prolific composer, he plays in many different groups for which his music is the centrepiece. Adam is the MD of pop band BURST, top covers band JACOBS DREAM, and is active in soundtrack and television composition. He teaches contemporary and classical guitar. Simon Starr Acoustic Bass Since completing his studies at the VCA in 1993, Simon has worked constantly as a freelance musician and in ensembles of his owns, which feature his compositions. He augmented his studies in New York, learning from Dave Holland, which has held him in good stead for his gigs with such jazz identities as James Morrison, renowned American jazz educator Mark Levine, Barney McAll and Tony Gould. One of the rising stars of the Australian music scene. Dave is in high demand as a first-call session player, theatre pit musician and jazz ensemble member. Dave is the youngest drummer to have an international endorsement with Premier drums and Zildjian cymbals (USA) and plays their equipment on 'In Melbourne Tonight' (channel 9), and with stars such as Randy Crawford, Venetta Fields, Alan Zavod, Kerrie Biddel, Christine Sullivan, Jane Rutter and the MSO, Don Burrows and Tony Gould.

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The Promotion Dilemma by Caroline Smith Case Study - 20

The Promotion Dilemma by Caroline Smith - Case Study Example Caroline immediately set her mind to the task of becoming an exemplary manager. Being with the department for five years, she was able to make several small improvements in the working conditions of the department; and as a consequence, productivity improved for every worker – except Beverly. Whereas the others appreciated and responded to Caroline’s efforts, Beverly just seemed to become more hostile. When management praised Caroline for her section’s improved performance and productivity, they also noted Beverly’s decline and suggested that a strong performance evaluation might be the answer. Caroline did not know much about performance evaluation except for the few she had with her predecessor but was determined that Beverly should be as productive as everyone else. Just immediately after being promoted, Caroline called Beverly into her office and launched a plan for Beverly to increase her production level. Halfway through the communication process, Beverly interrupted with a shaky voice: â€Å"You don’t have to go through all this.† â€Å"What do you mean?† Caroline asked, with distinct irritation in her voice. â€Å"I know you are just looking for an excuse to fire me,† quipped Beverly. â€Å"That’s ridiculous!† Caroline answered. â€Å"No, it isn’t. I know none of our colleagues has ever liked me,† Beverly replied. And with that, Beverly ran out of the office in tears. Caroline called her to stop, but it was too late. Caroline was flabbergasted. She had wanted her business relations with Beverly to get better, not worse, especially after her promotion. She knew Beverly’s fears had no basis – or did they? Caroline wondered whether she might have shown some unconscious prejudice. But she did not have the time to waste questioning her own motives.