Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Frock Rock Essays - African-American Music, Music, Free Essays

Frock Rock Essays - African-American Music, Music, Free Essays Frock Rock FROCK ROCK is a Melbourne-based jazz ensemble focusing on original compositions and improvisation. The group promotes a high standard of performance and professionalism gained through the years of experience and learning of its individual members. All of its members have studied music and improvisation at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Two of the members in FROCK have returned to lecture there, while the remaining members are educators at tertiary and secondary school level around the state of Victoria. The VCA brings together the finest musicians in Australia, both as teachers and students, and is representitive of the ethnic culture in Australia. It is from this cross-cultural melting pot that the ensemble has been born. Drawing on a wide range of influences, and using a typical jazz instrumentation, the group creates a sound that combines styles in the jazz music of the new and the old and sets a trend for the future. Traditional acoustic instruments meet their modern electric counterparts, classical European folk forms get a modern jazz treatment, A unique sound experience. Band Members Craig Beard Vibraphone, Marimba Tuned and untuned percussion Craig has been a performer and educator for fifteen years. He studied with Dave Samuels and has recorded for the ABC with Doug de Vries and Edward York. Craig teaches at the VCA and aT Box Hill TAFE. He performs regularly as a sideman with people such as Joe Camillieri and the New Guinea Bharatam Dance Troupe. Craig writes a column for the national magazine DRUMSCENE. Anthony Schulz Piano Accordian and piano For the past thirteen years Anthony has performed as an accordianist and pianist throughout Australia. He has worked in all genres from folk to funk and back to jazz. Anthony teaches at the VCA and is a full-time lecturer at Box Hill TAFE. Adam Starr Guitar and vocals Adam studied improvisation at the VCA, graduating with Anthony in 1995. A prolific composer, he plays in many different groups for which his music is the centrepiece. Adam is the MD of pop band BURST, top covers band JACOBS DREAM, and is active in soundtrack and television composition. He teaches contemporary and classical guitar. Simon Starr Acoustic Bass Since completing his studies at the VCA in 1993, Simon has worked constantly as a freelance musician and in ensembles of his owns, which feature his compositions. He augmented his studies in New York, learning from Dave Holland, which has held him in good stead for his gigs with such jazz identities as James Morrison, renowned American jazz educator Mark Levine, Barney McAll and Tony Gould. One of the rising stars of the Australian music scene. Dave is in high demand as a first-call session player, theatre pit musician and jazz ensemble member. Dave is the youngest drummer to have an international endorsement with Premier drums and Zildjian cymbals (USA) and plays their equipment on 'In Melbourne Tonight' (channel 9), and with stars such as Randy Crawford, Venetta Fields, Alan Zavod, Kerrie Biddel, Christine Sullivan, Jane Rutter and the MSO, Don Burrows and Tony Gould.

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